The voice of WorldMaster Athletic Championship

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The voice of WorldMaster Athletic Championship

He has seen everything, he has heard everything. Watch carefully what happens on the track, or outside it and tell us. He has his own unique style, capable of creating the most measured and minimalist tone to the most overflowing and effusive. He works with a lot of passion, dedication and effort.

He has shared the joys and sorrows of the athletes; your hopes and frustrations. It is being and will be the soundtrack of the best and worst sporting moments of this championship; They are recorded with their voices in our memory. Welcome to the world of Juan Garrido Acevedo, sports commentator.

He has given life to more than 500 championships in his 14 years of experience as a sports speaker. Your work? Encourage the crowd, narrate the development of the tests with the charm that only he knows how to express.

He has a deep and professional knowledge about athletics, which also comes from his family, and helps him to transmit in a transparent, clear and close way the culture of this world.

“Athletics is like Murphy’s law, everything can happen in this world and that’s why the regulation is updated annually” Acevedo tells us.

“I firmly believe in feelings. You have the magic, the expectation and the fact that a moment can change the whole test, “he says.

“I think the most important thing has always been to profess respect and dedication to this profession, it’s a vocation,” he concludes.

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