Manuel Díaz, at 90 years old, silver at 800m M90

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Manuel Díaz, at 90 years old, silver at 800m M90

This Colombian athlete, at 90 years old, has launched to participate in this championship with just a year and a half of training in this athletic discipline. The experience did not turn out bad for him, given that he won this morning a 800m silver medal in his category for athletes over 90 years old, held at the Carranque Sports Complex.

In spite of his short sporting tour he has lived four competitions in Bogota, obtaining in that period of time 39 medals; 34 gold, four silver and one bronze. “I’m missing one, I’ll do the number forty tomorrow in the 5KM test, I have no doubt, and I’m especially excited to close that figure in a place as charming as Malaga” reveals Díaz Carrillo.

“I get congratulations from 6,800 fans from around the world and they ask me to take pictures with them.” That fills me with joy, to meet people, to know the world and to be happy, “he declares.

“What I like the most about competing is to give my family and my surroundings joy, I started in this sport because of my grandson, he started my son, and my son instilled in me the values ​​of this world. Fernando, moments before collecting his medal.

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