Welcome to Málaga 2018


MALAGA, Great in every sense
It is easy to fell in love with a city as Málaga, one of the Spanish capitals with an international projection and a lot to offer.
Cradle of artists as Picasso, Málaga has promoted its values to those who visit with unforgettable experiences.
You can look and admire the monumentallegacy left by the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Arabs.
Enjoy the beauty of the art that is exhibited in more than 35 museums that are opened every day for you. Taste our delicious and assorted gastronomy in restaurants and bars that cook both Spanish and international food. And much more!
A place for culture, art, gastronomy, shops, green areas, festivals… and obviously, sun and sea.
Because we are the capital of the Costa del Sol, we have the best infrastructures and transportation to facilitate the access from and to any part of the world.
Due to that fact, we have a wide net of roads, motorways, highways and high speed train (AVE) that will help you move around and visit other cities in Andalucia such as Ronda, Granada and its mountain Sierra Nevada, Sevilla or Córdoba.
Here you can find a Terminal de Cruceros (Cruise Harbour) and an International Airport with more than 130 destinations. That makes Málaga a very accessible city.
Málaga is a great place in every sense. We are waiting for you at the World Masters Athletics Championships in 2018.

As a Mayor of the City of Malaga, I would like to cordially invite you all to the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championship

Located in a privileged geographical location on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, on the southernmost coast of Spain, Malaga is endowed with a firmly established cultural heritage. For almost 3,000 years it has maintained, the essence of being a city that welcomes visitors. Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs left an outstanding legacy.

Malaga possesses a cultural wealth that is based on its past and also on its current development. Our cultural over has been enhanced by the incorporation of the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Picasso’s birthplace & Foundation, the Contemporary Art Centre, and more recently, the Centre Pompidou Málaga and the Collection of the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg.

Málaga is well known as a very hospitable city which will embrace all participants of the World Masters Athletics Championships Games in 2018 making them enjoy our weather, gastronomy and culture in a beautiful environment.

Málaga is also a city of sports and more than 35% of our population practises some kind of sports. Malaga has been designated European Capital of Sport in 2020.

Hope to give you all a warm welcome to Málaga in 2018!

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