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Málaga tourism

Málaga is an open city, a crossroad of many cultures and civilizations, which for centuries has accumulated and melted remains of its past, to set the current city. English travellers, learned men and the romantic from XIX Century made Malaga as a cool winter destination. This cultural mix has become a quaint and attractive environment, when combined with its climate and natural setting, along the lively and welcoming nature of its people.

The Coast of Sun and the whole province of Malaga has one of the most varied range of tourist products that can be presented: from the essential and growing supply of sun and beaches, to the most sophisticated health tourism, rural tourism, through the classics of golf or sailing. As for the restoration there are over two thousand restaurants and about eight thousand cafes and bars, along with several catering colleges which raise the quality of service offered.

The Mediterranean diet is the main exponent of the cuisine, but you can find any kind of international kitchen (German, Italian, Mexican, Argentina, China, Indonesian, Greek, etc).

The touristic coastline gives the city a select international atmosphere, with nearly 30 consulates and 11 international schools with 5 diferente languages.

Malaga is the main destination for Germans, English, Swedes and Finns to live, and even more than a quarter of Spaniards prefer these shores to buy a second home destination.

Communication facilities developed in this area are increasing residential offers and are opening first residence options, thanks to the approach of the city.
City of Museums: Picasso Museum, Pompidou Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Santa catalina Castle, Modern Art Gallery, La Malagueta Bullring .

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